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Bust your stress this Stress Awareness Month! April 2014

Throughout April 2014 it is Stress Awareness Month in the USA time to deal with your stress, learn how to cope with stress and help make yourself feel better. Now in its 21th year, this special month will see health care professionals come together to raise awareness of the real health problems stress can cause and how to banish it.

The events are sponsored by the Health Resource Network, a non-profit health organisation which was founded in 1982.

At the Stress Cure website, you can find out lots more about stress and ways to relieve it duringStress Awareness Month.Dealing with stress can in itself feel stressful, but there are lots of things you can do to manage it and start feeling great!

From teenage stress to work related stress, there are lots of simple steps that can help you to overcome your problem.

Why not start a stress journal to find out how or why your stress is triggered? Or just make some more time for fun and relaxation.

Around a quarter of all people say work is the biggest cause of stress in their lives, so don't let stress get to you. Get involved and say goodbye to stress!